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Dear Friend,

If you’re interested in looking and feeling your best again while having fun…then…this is going to be the most important and exciting message you will ever read and at the end of it there will be a very special offer for new members which includes a FREE gift.

Before I tell you more about the special offer and free gift for you, maybe you already gave some workouts at a big box gym a shot and it didn’t work out.

Showing up to a gym that is not welcoming can be a motivation killer. Different people working out with different goals, will leave you feeling left out. Personal Trainers that bark orders at you with no regard for your fitness goals.

You see…

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At GoForIt Kickboxing, we turn all of those things around. You will…


Workout With Our Supportive Certified Trainers (That Only Help When You Need It Most)

When you show up to your first workout, you will personally be greeted by our friendly certified trainer, who will walk you through a personalized fitness analysis. And when you are in the personal training format provided at GoForIt, you go at your own pace based on our fitness analysis of you. Only when you need to be pushed the most, is when the trainers come in and offer their supportive encouragement.

You’ll never feel isolated because you will…


Be Surrounded By Like Minded and Motivated Members

Look, we’ve all been there before, and what makes GoForIt so special is that everyone else that is working out with you will have the same goal in mind. To look awesome and feel that burst of passion again! When you start working out in our high energy and positive environment at GoForIt, you can’t help but smile and have fun!

Real People... Real Kickboxing... Real Results!

I Lost 50lbs in 50 classes!


Growing up, I was always active and athletic up until my first year of college. I didn’t have time to take care of myself because of school and I gained over 50 pounds. I tried gyms, personal trainers, and other workouts but I never stuck to anything until I found GoForIt Kickboxing. I lost 50 pounds in 50 kickboxing classes in 4 months and went from a size 16 in pants to a size 8!!! The classes are intense and fun and the instructors are great! I feel like a completely different person and I can’t thank you enough!

Daniela W. Student/Kickboxer

I lost 20lbs at GoForItKickboxing!


I LOVE GoForItKickboxing! I’ve lost 20lbs, I feel great, I look great. The staff is awesome, the workout is amazing, and the results you achieve are even better! Anybody and everybody can achieve their fitness goals with GoForItKickboxing! Whether you want to lose weight, gain weight or just tone up. GoForItKickboxing = go for it!

Kelly T./Kickboxer

I beat Diabetes


I have been going to GoForIt Kickboxing for quite some time and really enjoy the variety of workouts. Just when you think you might get used to the workout program, they change it up to keep it fresh. If you want to lose weight you need to be in this program! I’ve lost 62lbs so I know it works! Keep up the great work guys!

Aquiles L./Kickboxer
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